Take your business to the hand of your client, improve your service by creating the best experience for your users.

GSI offers you solutions focused on your clients, which will allow you to offer the best care and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the Solutions that we offer:

Client Profile or Client Enrollment

Know, expand and develop your client portfolio

This process allows the validation and analysis of the applicants, reducing the entity's risk level and streamlining the business management; as well as the classification of the client according to the products and promotions that are launched by your institution, being able to make a more effective approach to them.

Credit Applications - Credit Cards

Maximize the efficiency of your operations and increase your cardholders

Solution focused on the registration and follow-up of the institution's card requests, allowing total control of the process stages and reducing response times.

Credit Applications - Consumer Loans

Optimize response times and increase your loan portfolio  

Solution that controls and records the institution's consumer loan requests, speeding up the response time and thus significantly impacting the increase in the client portfolio.

Acquisition of new customers and cross-selling of products


Our solution provides you with customer-focused services, optimized information management, traceability of the process and its activities, reduction in costs and response times of processes, continuous improvement of processes, among other benefits that will allow you to increase your portfolio of customers

Biometrics - Identity Verification for Financial Institutions

GSI offers solutions to biometrically verify the identity of its clients, optimized for digital banking. Taking advantage of biometric technology for face recognition and life proof detection, allowing solutions to prove whether the applicants are real people and document holders.

Cards and Payment Solutions

GSI has a catalog of payment cards (contact and contactless EVM) with innovative designs and materials, to provide a more pleasant and modern payment experience for your customers. We also have biometric and metallic cards.

Payment tokenization solutions

GSI offers tokenization solutions to digitize payment cards on multiple independent digital media using TOKENS. This is a very valuable tool in today’s environment where there are more and more wallets that are compatible with multiple channels and various payment uses.


Substantially improve your customer experience

Increase your income

Get ahead of your competitors in terms of financial performance

Increase your agility as a business

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